The S&M Man

The Candy Man

Who will run through shiggy,
Ripping up his flesh,
And turn right around,
And repeat the bloody mess?

(Oh!) the S & M man.
The S & M man,
The S & M man because mixes it with love,
Makes the hurt feel good, the hurt feel good.

Optional Verses:
Who cuts off your gonads,
Boils ‘em in a stew,
Later that evening,
He’ll feed ‘em back to you?

Who can take a razor,
And no shaving cream,
Scrape her pussy bald,
While he listens to her scream?

Who can take a bottle,
Shove it up your ass,
Hit it with a hammer,
And line your ass with glass?

Who can take your penis,
Slam it in a door,
Slam it in a door,
So you can’t fuck anymore?

Who can take a sander,
Make sure it’s Black and Decker,
Rub it up and down,
Until you’ve got a bleeding pecker?

Who can take two ice picks,
Stick one in each ear,
And ride her like a Harley,
While he roots her up the rear?

Who takes jumper cables,
Clamps one on each tit,
Starts up the car,
And electrocutes the bitch?

Who can take a vagina,
Suck out all the yeast,
Spit it out into some dough,
And serve bread at the hash feast?

Who can take a puppy,
Hold it by the ears,
Fuck it in the ass,
Until it sheds those puppy tears?

Who can take a cheese grater,
Strap it to his arm,
Fist fuck the bitch
And make Vagina Parmesan?

Who can take a baby,
Lay it on a bed,
Turn the bugger over,
Fuck the soft spot in its head?

Who can take a little girl,
Before she’s on the rag,
Fuck her till she’s dead
And then toss her in a bag?

Who goes to the abortion clinic,
Sneaks around the back,
Digs through the dumpster,
Until he finds a tasty snack?

Who goes to the abortion clinic,
Fuck goin’ around the back
Kick down the front door,
And eat it out her snatch?

Who can take a sawfish,
Ram it up yer bum,
Run it back and forth,
To make some rectal chum?